Garden Chalets


The Steeltech Garden Chalet is possibly one of Steeltech’s most versatile products. It epitomises the Steeltech motto which states that a Steeltech Shed can be anything you want it to be.

The Steeltech Chalet is available in 1, 2 or 3 bedroom versions. The sales team are happy to sit down and help you create the building that you want customized to suit your individual requirements. Do you need extra living space for Family members? Do your children want their own private space? Expand your home with this innovative, attractive and stylish
Garden Chalet.

With a minimal amount of disruption, have one of these Garden
Chalets delivered and erected in less than 1 week.

Garden Chalet

Optional Extra’s
– Tilestyle Roof
– Slate Effect Roof
– Overhangs
– Gutters
– Insulated OSB Floor
– Partitions

Door Options
– Solid PVC Door
– Half Glass PVC Door
– Half Glass French Doors
– Full Glass French Doors
– Double Sliding Doors

Window Options
– Small Double Glazed Window (1’ x 1’)
– Large Double Glazed Window (3’ x 2’)
– Extra Large Double Glazed Window (3’ x 3’)
– Full Length Glass Panel