The galvanised steel workshop range are the biggest buildings that Steeltech produce. They can be virtually built to any size to suit all types of agriculture or business activity.

Steeltech understand how important it is to have a little bit more room that you need. Our Steel Workshops provide plenty of work space allowing you to store as much stock or machinery as you like, or to work on the largest vehicles. Contact us today about our steel workshops range and let us configure the perfect workshop to suit you.

To ensure our customers get the best prices, all units are priced individually on request.

  • All Steeltech Workshops are built using our full galvanised framework and PVC coated galvanised cladding – they require no maintenance ever.
  • All composite insulated units include electric fully insulated roller door.
  • All standard Steeltech Workshops have the latest anti-condensation barrier applied to the roof and all walls as standard.
  • All Steeltech Workshops are built on site from flatpack form so minimum access is required.
  • Steeltech can provide extra high storage units and multi-entrance units.
  • All our units are designed to suit our customers’ needs, so feel free to submit a proposed unit you would like us to build.
  • Steeltech Workshops have provided many of Ireland’s entrepreneurs with a starting block in new business – from boarding kennels to car valet units, car sales, car repairs, shooting ranges etc.

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