Retail Guarantee

Retail Customer Guarantee

This guarantee statement applies to all materials sold or supplied by Steeltech Garden Sheds to any retail customer in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and to all fitting or other related installation work carried out by or on behalf of Steeltech Garden Sheds in the employ of any retail customer within the Republic of Ireland.

Concrete Base fitters recommended by Steeltech Garden Sheds are not covered by Steeltech Garden Sheds Ltd. Guarantee.

This guarantee does not cover or apply to any alteration or subsequent work carried out on or in connection with any product or building supplied by Steeltech Garden Sheds. The specifics of the guarantee as they relate to each product category.

Our Units:

Steeltech guarantees that all materials used in our buildings will be of sufficient standard for the intended purpose.

With respect to manufacture, Steeltech guarantees the construction and assembly of all Steel Sheds and buildings for a period no more than 25 years. Guarantees are only valid in original buyers name only. Within 21 days of assembly of your product, any defect or deterioration highlighted by the customer which is deemed to be due to manufacture or assembly of the shed will be repaired by Steeltech within 10 working days of receipt of written notice. Anytime thereafter all callback queries will be delth with within 30 working days subject to the issue in question, location and urgency. The cost of any such repair work will be met entirely by Steeltech Garden Sheds – flexibility to allow completion of repairs can be agreed with customer.